Take It All-Marion Cotillard

玛丽昂·歌迪亚(Marion Cotillard )是萦绕在巴黎夜色中的小云雀儿。那看似纤细的身体中蕴藏着巨大的能量,情欲激流不时激扬。

《玫瑰人生》的巴黎烟云中,她用生命去演绎艾迪特・皮雅芙(Edith Piaf)的传奇,sans amour, on n’est rien. 没有爱,我们什么也不是!

《九 Nine》中,8+1的男女游戏,不去想费里尼,也不去怪罪情妇。即使庭院深深将热情窒息到端庄典雅不再稀罕,其实主妇一样可以穿上蕾丝大唱:“You want my love  Take it all!”

电影《九 Nine》的原声OST,歌词写满爱与不爱的纠结,演唱则充满力量,MV的设计也很给力,推荐!

You want my love
Take it all
You want to watch it all come off
Take it all
Come on now
Show me how
You take it all

You want my glove
Are you enthralled?
You want to see it slip away and watch it fall
Oh we know
It’s your show
So take it all

You want the movement to
See what the hips can do
Come watch the slinky girl
See how the pasties twirl
To make your bells all ring
Fulfilling everything you ever wanted

So go ahead
Take it all
You want my soul
Take it all
Its time to leave
If I’m to live
Because I have no more
There’s nothing left to give

I watch you rise
I watch you fall
While I am standing with my back against the wall
Now it’s your turn to finally learn
You had the world
You had your fling
You wanted more than everything
You got your wish
You got your prize
Now take it right between your thighs
You grabbed for everything my friend
But don’t you see that in the end
There will be nothing left of me



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